UNCSW, Jessi James

February 27, 2011

Well thursday morning we all got up before our events started to go eat breakfast together. Then after I left there i went to a parallel, but left it early because sarah had to see what our schedules were for the rest of the week and she also made sure to let us know that we better blog! Then I went to the craft show and saw bead work that has a lot of similarity to native american bead work.

After I looked at the craft show I went to a event that had a power point that I still have stuck in my head. It was the engendering technologies women take charge and it had pictures that I could go my whole life with out seeing. Then there was lady who said that she mainly only uses a home phone and shes not every big on technology. Yeah that is crazy but anyways there was another lady who said shes on her phone all day long.

After I got scared for life from those pictures I went to the ecumenical women debrief and dinner. At dinner they came around and laid topics on the tables for us to discuss. And ours was let justice flow and caressa started talking about stuff that happened in the news and how should it be handled. Then she had to get up and explain it and that was about it at the wonderful dinner on thursday night.


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