On the Outside Looking In

February 26, 2011

Feb 23, 2011

The girl scouts in the United States have so much potential to move young girls in the right direction. I remember being a girl scout from a daisy to a cadette, we sold cookies and traveled to different events, I remember one specifically held for science, we had a reservation troop and learned many things from the types of clouds to making huge bubbles and learning about how the weather station worked. I also remember a time where there were racial problems, our troop was a Native American girl scout troop coming from the reservation and this young white girl told us that we should go back to the reservation because that is where we belonged. We had to calm one of  our girls down because she was about ready to beat up the girl who said that. We ignored that statement and continued to enjoy the day but it did have a little damping on the day, but as I reflect on it now I think of how we were the only troop that had a different skin color. Later on, we held a Girl Scout event on our reservation inviting different troops from neighboring counties to come and be a part of our culture, through making arts and crafts, to learning how to round dance. The girl who spoke at the panel spoke of a program called the Girls who Rock the Capital where young girls would shadow a women legislature in the senate, getting the experience of what it takes. I think this would be a great opportunity for high school girls on reservations considering the Department of Interior and that reservations have their own government. We need strong leaders to take charge and to know our rights as first nation people!

I heard a disturbing story of widows in Nigeria, they were being treated inhumane, the widows female children were also maltreated. All because a husband had passed, this doesn’t make sence to me? I dont understand why anyone would treat any human in that way elder widow mothers to young widows regardless no one should go through this type of pain. Our nation is respectful to our women because women are creators, nuturers, we are a higher power to our children, our higher power is mother nature and we give thanks with prayer and traditions. I was very disturbed by the story, I will pray for those who suffered, and I give my support in the fight against this. It was a eye opener to the reality of mistreatment,  people still suffer in the world. The United States came a long way to equality, knowing the history of Native people I know our women  were raped and enslaved,  there are historical sites throughout the United States in rememberence to the massacres of our warriors. I know where I come from, what our nation fought for, how the reservations became reservations. I know the children were taken from their mothers and put into boarding schools, their hair cut and weren’t allowed to speak in their language. Today our nation needs political leaders, science, technology, engineers, and education and this starts with our children!

Denyse B


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