Day 5/Last Day 2/25/2011 “A good day!”

February 26, 2011

Today I attended two parallel events and these being my final parallel events of UNCSW, I tried to pick some that would try to send me in a new direction. Today I attended “Media’s Sexuall Objection of Women: A human rights violation” and also “Non-Communicable Diseases: A Neglected Dimension of Women’s Health and Development.” Jean Kilbourn gave a great presentation about how advertising affects overall health of a woman. From magazines, internet, television to cigarettes are all means of advertising to target women and girl starting at the age of even 6 months. At 6 months of infancy, an infant can recognize an advertizement,she stated. I was completely enlightened by this presentation. She opened my eyes to how observant the subconscience is even when you think that you really aren’t taking it all in. Advertising towards women is mostly subleminal. Sexual exploitation of the female body causes big sales. The influence to have bigger breasts, lighter skin, slimmer barely there waist lines is the ultimate fantasy for most men;therefore, promoting violence or anger or unrealistic ideaologies for men to hold against most women. And also, having women to try to live out these unrealistic and un-natural idealogies as well. The Communicable disease presentation was very important to me as well. I felt that it was awesome for them to actually talk about and bring for issues such as HPV, Cancer, and Diabetes to the table. These affect all women globally and due to health care existing or not existing in certain parts of the world not everyone has access to vaccines or medicine; therefore, women die everyday from diseases that could have been prevented or cured. I felt that this was an ultimate topic to discuss and I’m thankful that they did.

My overall experience:I am very thankful that I was given this chance to attend this year’s UNCSW. I learned about women from around the world and met tons of new people. I especially enjoyed meeting the Episcopal Young Adult group. They were all very welcoming and I thank them for allowing us to join them. I feel that I have many avenues to take now, I see in a new light, I know that as women, we must always support one another and be brave each and every day of our lives, so that the young may have the opportunities to succeed us and build a better and brighter future for all. Thanks again!




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