Day 4 2/24/2011 C. James “Promoting safer teepees!”

February 26, 2011

Today I attended a parallel event by STEMS and “Medicine: the Pink Collar profession” presented by Medical Women’s International Association. I enjoyed both. I especially enjoyed the Pink Collar profession event. Health care is my calling and I learned that being a woman in the health field is no longer second best to the role of a man in the health care world. Woman are taking on and tackling issues in health that mean have ignored for years. Research in women’s health is a booming business. I feel good about this. I feel that diseases such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, and other female anamolies especially overall female health is being promoted at an all time high today. I feel that it is important for females to step out of and take charge and for the young girl child to know that she has great female leaders paving the way for her to be all that she can be.

This evening, we also attended the Ecumenical Women’s banquet. Each table was given a topic to discuss and our topic was “let justice flow.” I was asked to get up and speak about what our table’s thoughts were on this issue and a big topic that came to our minds was once again, justice for our people too. (Natives) After hearing the many stories from women from around the world, we all stopped and wondered about how our stories weren’t out there with the rest of the worlds. A lot of the abuse of what the women from Iraq, Pakistan, Africa (a few countries to name) endure, our Native women are going through daily too! And at that this is on US soil!!!! I feel that it’s time to get the Native American woman and girl child’s voice heard. All Natives. Natives and the rest of the world can be a driving force one day.


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