Day 1, 2/21/2011: C. James (little Choctaw native)

February 26, 2011

Today is the first day and it’s snowing. Denyse, Jessi and I are all getting aquainted with one another and we hope to engage in as many things as possible.  Sarah took us over to the  Salvation Army Temple  where we attended the NGO consultation day. This consultation was basically an overview of what to expect through out the week. The speakers were great and very imformative. This is my first UNCSW event and I’m very excited to be here

. I am also very thankful to Sarah and the Episcopal church and the Anglican Council for having all of us.

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One Response to “Day 1, 2/21/2011: C. James (little Choctaw native)”

  1. Nellie Adkins Says:

    I am honored to be a part of this awesome process and to be given the opportunity to come into the greater circle with all of my sisters along the Red Road to speak here this week.
    We have been blessed so greatly with love from so many who have attended our sessions. It has been a great and quite busy week with schedules to keep and presentations to hear as well as to do. Touching the hearts of others with our stories is daunting but the truth of our lives as Indian Native people in the Americas are stories worth sharing in order to be vehicles for truth in order that the word might get out to the greater public.
    The stories of our people are similar to stories I have listened to from sisters throughout the world…my take on this is that our stories have not truly been listened to heretofore by others outside of this circle..we have looked for an ear for many years. My own people, who have been dealing with the non Indian population for over four hundred plus years, often contemplate how we as territorial landlords have missed the mark in communicating our displeasure that even though we are still here everyone leaves the country looking for outside plights to defend and “we are still here” with nothing being addressed. So, I see this forum as a place to develop a consensus and to raise awareness for our indigenous plight.
    Naweh (thanks) to those reading these blogs and blessings as you take our message to the general public using the lessons learned throughout this week to educate a public NOT in the know to a greater extent.
    Oneh, Nellie Adkins of the Chickahominy Tribe/Powhatan Confederacy

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